Why is the Secrets of Champions Foundation necessary? 

The Secrets of Champions™ ecosystem is not easily reached by the underserved on their own for economic, environmental and cultural reasons. Further to this point, the content and tools that are being offered have been the purview of only the privileged levels of society, including professional ­­athletes, corporate executives or simply those born into wealthy circumstances. The foundation's programs level the playing field and provide these erstwhile out-­of­-reach advantages to underserved young people, and by extension to their families, in metropolitan areas across the United States. We are uniquely positioned in that we engage our friends and luminaries in the sports, entertainment and business worlds as support for these young people in moving onward and upward.

How does the Secrets of Champions Foundation work?

Over the past decade, we have developed and applied the Secrets of Champions™ peak performance, leadership and healthy living technology-­based ecosystem to high level athletes, military personnel and executives. The goal is to mitigate scourges and barriers to  upward mobility­­ including life stress, anxiety, violence, and the absence of constructive life ­choice mentoring. Specific content addresses health and wellbeing, including prevention and management of obesity, diabetes-­related diseases, and unhealthy home environments. Through direct contact and through technology, we teach and provide these young people and their families with tools for enhancing their health, performance, leadership capacity, quality of life and generally give them a better chance at sustaining life­long happiness and success. The ecosystem is adaptable to children, young adults, and families.